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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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Electronic Symposium about "Industrial Experience of TVET Teachers in the Times of Crisis"
In the context of celebrating the International Day of Teachers, the Ministry of Education in the Syrian Arab Republic, represented by the two ladies:
- Eng. Zukaa Ghandour, Assistant Director of Vocational and Technical Education.
- Rawya Al-Hasswani, Responsible of the Vocational and Technical Education File, the National Commission for UNESCO.
Participated in the joint online symposium between UNESCO, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Bank Group, the European Foundation for Training and the International Labor Organization about the "Industrial Experience of TVET Teachers in Times of Crisis" which was held on the zoom platform on October 8th, 2020; with the aim of:
- Highlighting the current state of vocational and technical education.
- Discussing the status of experience of vocational and technical education teachers in the industry.
- Challenges and practical solutions for teachers of vocational and technical education to ensure the continued provision of theoretical and practical training in light of crises "Covid-19 pandemic" from the point of view of the various stakeholders.
The most important questions that were discussed during this online symposium:
- How can TVET systems attract industry-professionals to enter the teaching profession?
- What are the obstacles that professionals face in entering the teaching profession?
- How can work-experience be integrated with initial teacher training in the areas of TVET?
- What are the professional development strategies that can be pursued to support TVET teachers in keeping pace with advanced industrial practices?
- How can TVET teachers interact with industries, companies, factories, etc. to update their skills?
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