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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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Who we are
- It Is the national body for Education, Culture, Science and Communication at the Ministry of Education, includes in its structure the General Secretariat comprising competent staff and the public assembly headed by His Excellency the Minister of Education and includes the Vice- Ministries of:
/ Foreign Affairs and Emigrants - Media - Culture - Higher Education - Irrigation - Oil and Mineral Resources - Ministry of State for the Environment - Planning Commission and International Cooperation / and representatives of scientific institutions, governmental organizations:
/ Center for Scientific Studies and Research - Atomic Energy Commission - Assad National Library /

- The National Commission is established under the a Presidential Decree No./ 944 / dated 13 May1976, based on the UNESCO‘ s Constitution adopted by the Member States, including the Syrian Arab Republic, which joined the organization in 1946.

- By virtue of Article IV of the UNESCO‘ s Constitution and the Article IV of the Charter of National Commission for UNESCO,it is incumbent upon Member States to provide their national Commissions with a Legal status, inspired by the provisions of the preceding Article of UNESCO‘ s Constitution, to discharge their duties efficiently:
- a permanent secretariat; and
- sufficient authority and financial means to enable it to carry out its functions efficiently.
- The National Commission acts as a national coordinator between the three international organizations:/ UNESCO - ISESCO - ALECSO / and the concerned Syrian National Ministries and institutions.
- Syria is a founding member of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science / ALECSO /, which was established in 1970 where Article VII of the Constitution indicate to:
- Member States shall set up National Commissions to organize cooperation relations with the Organization.
- Syria has also joined the Organization of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in 1982. According to Article 14 of the Charter to:
- Member States shall set up National Commissions for Education, Science and Culture is the consolidating cooperation relations between the Islamic Organization (ISESCO) and the Member States‘ Ministries .

- The importance of the National Commission is of the importance of angles that look of it as the window of Syria to the outside world through agencies and organizations; Arab, Islamic and international organizations specializing in education, culture, science and communication.Also, the importance of the tasks assigned to it as a link between the ministries of the State and its institutions and those organizations , coordination with the Arab and international National Commissions, and to provide our institutions with all that is new in the fields of education, culture, science, communication and get benefits of it, as well as introducing the Syrian civilization to the world and its achievements and cultures through participating in different conferences, meetings and workshops, and presenting view of Syria in the issues raised for discussion on the pulpits of these organizations in all fields ,and contribute to the achievements of this participation through coordination between the invitations to the Syrian Arab Republic and the concerned bodies on topics of conferences advertised and this point is very important because of the multiple benefits, including:
1 - definition of us to the other world.
2 - recognize the achievements of the other world and its culture and civilization.

- The Commission has made a presence on the international arena, Islamic and Arabic among their counterparts from the national commissions and is highly respected from organizations because of its quickly respond and credibility in the work and to fulfill the obligation which the Commission shall participate in the preparation of programs of organizations and their budgets and projects and to study other subjects of interest to the Syrian Arab Republic, which comes from these organizations and a statement of opinion and the submission of proposals on and oversee the implementation of what has been approved by the association with the concerned authorities.

- The National Commission also achieved a good attendance at the level of participation in the conferences and public organizations and conferences of the Executive Boards and specialized committees.
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