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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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A project of studying the educational reality in eight governorates, in addition to an evaluation study of the enrollment program and the setting up of pre- and post-tests for the program
Enhancing the existing cooperation in the areas of competence between the Ministry of Education in the Syrian Arab Republic and the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab Countries - Beirut- ,and in the context of monitoring the educational reality in all Syrian governorates-the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation, through the work plan, enlisted in the year 2020-2021, with the following:
First: Completing the study of teacher evaluation for the quality of learning within the classroom in eight governorates, which are:
(Damascus - Quneitra - As-Suwayda - Daraa - Homs - Idlib - Lattakia - Raqqa), by conducting a training workshop for a sample of educational supervisors from the above-mentioned governorates during the period 1-4/2/2021, to train them to develop tools for application in their governorates, where the tools were designed, applied and the results were analyzed, in order to be communicated to the authorities concerned with the developing of the educational process.
Second: conducting an evaluation study for the enrollment program, which was implemented in cooperation with UNESCO on students of the basic education certificate in all Syrian governorates, and secondary school certificate students in seven governorates, and this was evident in the success of the project through the results of the students, the increase in the number of students enrolled, as well as the design of pre- and post-tests for the enrollment program.
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