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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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    From Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture
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Meetings of the Syrian National Commission for Education, Science and Culture 21/12/2014
The National Commission held its tow periodical meetings under the patronage of Dr. Hezwan Awaze - Minister of Education, President of the Syrian National commission for Education, Science and Culture on16 /7/2014 and 21/12/2014, in the presence of the members., HE has confirmed the necessity to discuss the 2014 plan, and the events that have been completed and which will be implemented in the future, indicating that there is still a lot of difficulties and challenges which suffer the educational sector at all levels. This leads to more bets and greater challenges and in addition to the challenges the various ministries in the current circumstances face and address their effects.

He talked about the continuation of the Ministry of Education work, in spite of the direct and indirect damages of the education sector that exposed to during the crisis in our country, which are caused by the armed terrorist groups where damages reached to more than / 120 / billion Syrian pounds, in spite of this fact, The proportion of school attendance in the schools of the country ranged between 70-72% of students and 90% for administrative and teaching staff. The Ministry has been able to accomplish the construction and the educational defense mission ,by taking measures that are convenient for the current situation in order to achieve the continuation of the educational process, even in unsafe areas. The implementation of the exams and the issuance of general certificates' results is a message to the whole world that we are the decision-makers, and we are on the right path to a bright future made by the children with effort and knowledge.

His Excellency insisted on the necessity of establishing an accurate data bank for all existing Syrian experts who are functioning and retirees to benefit from their experiences and opinions in the UNESCO's fields.
He pointed out that the Ministry of Education paid a full financial dues of the Syrian Arab Republic to UNESCO, despite the difficulties and prohibitions imposed by Occidental countries on the Syrian financial and banking institutions, and also Stressed on the need to inform the Director-General of UNESCO in all terrorist attacks and sabotage that the Syrian Arab Republic in all fields exposed to. Also he indicated the issuance , by Her Exellency, of several statements on the crisis in Syria and the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against individuals, archaeological sites, educational institutions and others that have been published on the organization ‘s web site.

He also elaborated UNESCO’s selection of the Syria Trust for Development / non-governmental organization / for a membership of the first evaluation’s body that establishing in the field of intangible cultural heritage at UNESCO.

He explains the participations in the various activities of international organizations specialized in the fields of education, science and culture, such as conferences ,executive councils , expert meetings, seminars and workshops are considered to be an appropriate chance to convey the national messages to the world and transporting of the official perspectives about various issues and professional files, as well as proposing advanced methods to develop the work .

Dr. Farah Sulaiman Almoutlaq talked about the visit of H.E Dr Hamad bin Saif Al Hammami / Director of UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States – Beirut , and the accompany delegation to the Syrian Arab Republic and his meeting with His Excellency Dr. Loubana Mchouh - Minister of Culture - where he presented an overview of the organization's plan to preserve the Syrian heritage , and giving a great attention to the subject of protecting the heritage and archaeological sites and restitution, mentioning the results of the meeting, which was held in Beirut to discuss the details of the UNESCO plan to protect this heritage of humanity, as well as he talked about his meeting with His Excellency Dr. Hezwan Al-Wazz– Minister of Education / President of the Syrian national Commission for UNESCO / in order to discuss and evaluate the basic needs that UNESCO Office can contribute in its implementation in Syria, especially with respect to educational topics in the context of a focus on “education first” initiative.

In turn, Dr. Nidal Hasan - the Secretary of the Syrian National Commission for UNESCO, explained the importance of the efforts of the coordinators in the ministries and the national institutions and their support to the team work of the Commission, in addition to he made a presentation to the recommendations of the previous meeting, showing the importance of communication, coordination and follow-up between the National commission and the national and interested parties to overcome difficulties appeared during the work.

Then, he reviewed the activities and events through the graphical representation and function , pointing out that in the light of a daily work follow up , the Committee's website has been provided with up to date information about all activities and events of the national institutions, and the international bodies, and organizations concerned with the issues of education, science, culture and communication in three languages, hoping of Gentlemen Members providing the Committee with reports , pictures and activities to publish it on the website of the Commission.

The main recommendations of the two meetings:

• The need to nominate the appropriate competences for jobs and send candidature files in a due time.

• The need to communicate with UNESCO exclusively by the National Commission.

•Establishing data bank for Syrian experts who are functioning and retirees to benefit of their expertise, experiences and opinions in the works of the National Commission.

• Inviting Syria Trust for Development to join the membership of the National Commission to attend its meetings.

• Cooperation with the Ministry of Labor in its project to reduce the phenomenon of children's employment and the imposition of compulsory education.

• inform UNESCO with the attacks by armed terrorist groups incitements that affecting the sectors of education, science, culture and communication.

• Providing a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants with a list of losses and damages to the educational sector.

A periodical meeting is held before every continuing meeting headed by Dr. Farah Solaiman Mutlak / Education Deputy Minister in the presence of the coordinators from the concerned ministries , where two meetings were held in 25/6/2014 and 1/12/2014 , in which the deputy minister showed that despite of stopping the membership of the Syrian National commission in the ALECSO and ISESCO, it was able to enhance the constructive cooperation and continuity with UNESCO in the fields of Basic specializations , also The Ministry of Education was able to continue its work challenging the Direct and indirect damages which affected the educational sector during the Crisis which the countries suffers from as the result of the terroristic actions , and succeeded in accomplishing the mission of educational building and defense to achieve continuing the educational process even in the unsafe districts, besides of setting up intensive courses for students .

He elaborated to the necessity of participating in the international conferences emphasizing on our relations with UNESCO to exceed the difficulties and to bridge the gaps that hinder the work and decrease its run , in spite of Syrian rare participations which showed the opening Syrian ability to keep up with the new human and global experiences .

Dr. Nedal Hassan stressed the importance of continuity, continuation and coordination from the Part of the concerned committee and the parties of UNESCO and its regional offices on the other part.
He also elaborated to the important files which the committee concentrates on the applications of the participation schedule and the file related the ministry of culture and Syrian Heritage , and the necessity of cooperation with the organizations for preserving the Heritage and the archeological sites.

The two meetings recommended the fowling points :
- The need for availability of good professionalism in filling the participations applications and sending them in the exact time .
- The necessity to participate in the external activities and respond to the invitations of the intentional organizations .
- Attain accurate data from the concerned institutions to fill up the questionnaires in the due time .
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